Try a medically supervised detoxification designed specifically for you!

Like the earth, we need to extinguish the fire element of summer, finding time to rest and rejuvenate in the season of transition - Autumn.

What better time than Autumn to reap the benefits of restoring equilibrium and finding comfort in your inner sanctuary through breathing, meditation and/or contemplation.

Autumn is here. It is now a time to harvest the bounty that grew during the summer so we can store up for the cold winter ahead. It is a time to organize, work hard, and finish projects that you began in spring and summer.

"In the three months of autumn all things in nature reach their full maturity. The grains ripen and harvesting occurs. The heavenly energy cools, as does the weather. The wind begins to stir. This is the changing or pivoting point when the yang, or active, phase turns into its opposite, the yin, or passive, phase. One should retire with the sunset and arise with the dawn. Just as the weather in autumn turns harsh, so does the emotional climate. It is therefore important to remain calm and peaceful, refraining from depression so that one can make the transition to winter smoothly. This is the time to gather one’s spirit and energy, be more focused, and not allow desires to run wild. One must keep the lung energy free full, clean, and quiet. This means practicing breathing exercises to enhance lung Qi. Also, one should refrain from smoking and grief, the emotion of lung. This will prevent the kidney or digestive problems in the winter. If this natural order is violated, damage will occur to the lungs, resulting in diarrhea with undigested food in the winter. This compromises the body’s ability to store in winter.”
- Huangdi Neijing Suwen

There are several methods to choose when doing a cleanse. It can be confusing where to start and what type of cleanse to select. While some cleanses may be beneficial to some people, they may not be suitable for you. I recommend that you come in and we will create an individualized cleansing program that is best suits your needs.


Benefits of an Autumn Detoxification

feel young, look great!
more vitality, energy, stamina
decreases allergic symptoms
improves digestion
weight loss
increases focus & clarity
prepares body for winter
strengthens immunity

Protect your Lungs!

Autumn is Lung Season. Lungs need to remain moist and open. Here are some tips to help keep your lungs strong and protected:
release negativity
go to bed earlier
hot oatmeal in a.m.
finish projects
get needled!

Autumn: a TCM view

Autumn is an ideal time for detoxifying & preparing your body & spirit for the winter ahead.
Element: Metal
Organs: Lungs/Large Intestine
Color: White
Nature: Yin
Emotion: Grief
Tastes: Spicy
Seasonal acupuncture treatments 4 times/yr can serve to tonify inner organ systems to can correct minor annoyances before they become serious issues.

Autumn foods

Diet is key for good health. Here are some healthful foods for the autumn season:
apples, pears
beets, bell peppers
bok choy, broccoli
Brussels sprouts
cabbage, carrots, leeks
whole grains, wild rice
winter squash, yams, pumpkins
sage, thyme, rosemary
cinnamon, garlic, ginger
cranberry, pears, plums
cauliflower, grapes
leeks, horseradish
pomegranate, persimmon
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