Try a medically supervised detoxification designed specifically for you!

Springtime has arrived! It is a natural time for growth, renewal and regeneration. As green buds peak out from forest groves and the daffodils and thistles punch up through the wet moist earth, all of nature is coming alive to regenerate itself. Just as in nature, spring is also a time renew and regenerate ourselves after the cold winter season.

It is a healthy time to rid your system of the toxins that were stored in your body over the winter months. Our bodies are programmed to store fat along with toxins during the cold winter. When the weather changes, our bodies begin to metabolize more efficiently, making it a safer time to shed yourslef of this toxic load.

In Chinese Medicine, spring is a time to support our liver and gallbladder. It is not only a time to release physical toxins, but also a time to release toxic emotions such as anger and frustration. This is why you may feel yourself becoming a bit more irritated this time of year.

There are several methods to choose when doing a cleanse. It can be confusing where to start and what type of cleanse to select. While some cleanses may be beneficial to some people, they may not be suitable for you. I recommend that you come in and we will create an individualized cleansing program that is best for you.


Benefits of a Spring Cleanse

feel young, look great!
more vitality, energy, stamina
decreases allergic symptoms
improves digestion
weight loss
increases focus & clarity
strengthens immune system

Move your Qi!

In spring you need to eat foods & do activities to promote movement of Qi upwards and outwards to maintain good health. Here are some ideas:
exercise your eyes
eat your greens
taste sour foods
enjoy the outdoors
drink milk thistle tea
get needled!

Spring: a TCM view

Spring is the ideal time for cleansing & rejuvenation of your overall health & well-being.
Element: Wood
Organs: Liver/Gallbladder
Color: Green
Nature: Yang
Emotion: Anger
Tastes: Pungent & Sweet
Seasonal acupuncture treatments 4 times/yr can serve to tonify inner organ systems to can correct minor annoyances before they become serious issues.

Spring foods

Diet is key for good health. Here are some healthful foods for the spring season:
apples, lychees
dates, honey
walnuts, chestnuts
rice, millet, oats
aduki, kidney, broad beans
chicken, turkey, eggs
green leafy veggies
carrots, potatoes
garlic, leeks, chives...
yams, sweet potatoes
radishes, daikon, horseradish
peppermint, dandelion, basil, parsley
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