health food stores in israel

aka organic or nature shops

Health Food stores are found in most towns & cities in Israel. However the variety of products is less abundant than North America and you will not find an equivalent of Whole Foods or Planet Organic here. The closest to this style of shops is the Eden Teva Market chain of shops opening around the country.

Many people here get their organics through delivery or from a local CSA farm that distributes weekly boxes of fresh organic produce.

This is not yet a comprehensive listing. So if you have any suggestions or wish to add your favorite or local store . Happy eating!


tel aviv

Neroli Health-Food Store
Neve Tzedek neighbourhood
23 Shabazi St.
They also have specialties such as home-made sprouted spelt breads, fresh gluten-free breads, home-made chocolate, and an organic juice & food bar.

Nitsat Hadudevan - Cherry Blossom

58 Ibn Gvirol (at Rabin square/Frishman St.)

Organic Market
Sheinkin 59
Small but clean and pleasant shopping experience.

Organic Market
Aharon Beker 8, Mikado center, Tel-Baruch

Teva Castel
Ibn Gvirol 151
Ibn Gvirol 71
Arlozorov 62
Dizengoff 101

35 Ben Yehuda St.

Sense of Gaya
75 King George St.


Organic Market
Hanegev 1

Nitsat Hadudevan - Cherry Blossom
Ben Guriyon 22

Teva Castel
Hamanofim 6
Herzliyya Pituach

or yehuda

Eden Teva Market
Ha'Mesgar 8 (near the Mega) (03)634-5471
Hard to find parking here. Overall decent store with pretty good variety and fresh whole wheat breads and bourekas.


Bait Hateva - The Nature House
21 zahalon street Modi'in Center

Eidan Hateva Organi Shilat - The Organic Nature Era
Bet Lotem

ramat gan

Eden Teva Market
Herzl 42

the sharon


Ra'anana, Moshav Givat Chen
Meshek 31
(09)744-6080, (09)748-2317
Deliveries. Tastings on Fridays.

Teva Castel
Bar Ilan 1


Eden Teva Market
Supposed to be the largest health food store in the middle east.
Enjoy their nice little hummus bar with choices of soups and falafel and a fair trade coffee and chocolate bar as well.

kfar saba

Teva Castel
David Elazar 8

ramat hasharon

Eden Teva Market
Ha'Haroshet 10 (next to the Mega - closer to Hwy 4)

jerusalem & the south


American Israeli Natural Foods Store - Mazon Tivi
Jaffa Rd 76

Chafez Chaim
114 Mea She-Arim (at Geula)

Olam Hateva - Nature World
65 Agrippas St (at behind the open air market of Machney Yehuda)

Pinat Hateva - Nature Corner
101 Yaffo (at Binyan Klal, Shuk Machney Yehuda)

The Loyal Shepherd
13 Mount Zion (outside Old City near Zion gate)

Chalav Udvash - Milk and Honey Health Food Store
Kikar Yahalom, Maale Adumim (just outside of Jerusalem)
(02)590-2044, (02)972-528

the south


Eden Teva Market
Ha'Orgim 7 (next to the Mega) 1-800-468-468

be'er sheva area

Ziv Nature Products
Shopping center
Omer (near Be'er Sheva)


3 Midyan Street
They tout themselves as the largest and most comprehensive health food store in Eilat.

the north


Eden Teva Market


Caveat emptor!
=buyer beware

Just because it is in a health food store does not make it healthy!
Say what?!
processed foods are inferior to whole foods even if they are organic
organic sugar is still sugar
not all foods are health foods
not all foods are organic
read labels
buy local
imported food = bad for environment
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