organic CSAs and food delivery in Israel

CSA = community supported agriculture

A CSA is a Community Supported Agriculture farm. In a CSA there is a direct, cooperative relationship between farm producers and community members.

Why choose a CSA?

Freshness - You receive produce usually within 24hours of harvest. This ensures that your food will be nutritious and delicious. Most of the produce in supermarkets have traveled from far away and lack freshness, meaning that taste and nutritional value will suffer.
Variety - CSAs often grow unique varieties of produce which are not available in regular supermarkets.
To know your farmer - The choice of your farmer is as important as choosing your rabbi or doctor. You are usually welcomed to visit your local CSA farm and often invited to events or to volunteer your time.
To pay the farmer directly - Your money goes directly to the farm and the people who grow your food. A similar purchase at a supermarket may return a farmer as little as 20 percent.
To save money - You get organic produce at a fair price. Removing the middlemen means that it is a win-win situation. For a reasonable price, you can enjoy a delicious, healthy, diverse organic produce selection.

I guess the question is really why not choose a CSA?

CSAs usually provide weekly organic food boxes. Some allow you to pick and choose or at the very least to have a list of produce which you do not wish to be added to your box. On their websites there is often a list of what will be in the box for the week.

Depending on where you live the CSA will offer home delivery, delivery to a local pick-up location or you can purchase your produce directly at the farm if you live close by.

Here is a list of CSAs in Israel. This is not necessarily a comprehensive listing so if you know of any CSAs I haven't mentioned please contact me and I will gladly add them.

Happy and healthy eating!

organic CSA farms in israel

Or-gani organic CSA farm

Emeq Hefer area
Delivery available:
contact them to find out if they deliver to your area
BTW Or-gani and Gabriella Farms merged and are now one company.

Large vegetable box - 125 NIS per week
Large mixed fruit & veg box - 135 NIS per week
Small box - 85 NIS per week
home delivery - add 15 NIS per week
pick-up point - add 5 NIS per week

Additional items can be added to delivery including:
eggs, fresh baked goods, natural cleaning products and more...

Chubeza organic CSA farm

Moshav Kfar Ben-Nun (near Latrun)
Delivery & Farm pick-up available:
Gush Dan
Jerusalem area

Large box - 105 NIS per week
Small box - 80 NIS per week
home delivery - add 20 NIS per week
drop spot - add 5 NIS per week

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