Toxic Exposure Begins in the Womb (07/08)
In 2004 the Environmental Working Group (EWG) tested cord blood from 10 Americans. One sample of blood was taken from each person and 413 chemicals where tested. 287 toxic chemicals where found across the group (about 200 per person). They found consumer products ingredients such as scotch guard, stain master, teflon, flame retardants, pesticides from fruits & vegetables; toxic heavy metals; waste byproducts such as dioxins, furans, volatile organic compounds (VOCs); and industrial chemicals and pesticides that were banned 30 years ago.

Among these toxic chemicals where substances that have been shown to be associated in laboratory studies done in people with cancer in lab studies in people, birth defects, hormone disruption, infertility, immune sx disruptors, and neurotoxins. This video discusses how even low-doses of a chemical substance can have a substantial effect on our bodies. Chemicals are not tested to make sure they don't have effects in our bodies.

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Think twice about water delivery (08/02/08)
Check out your water cooler. Most are made from polycarbonate plastic with a number 7 recycle symbol on it. If this is the case then your water cooler contains Bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is a hormone disrubtor also found in the lining of canned foods along with other hard plastics such as baby bottles, sippy cups, sports water bottles and more.

Recently in Israel an exposee was done on the television secretely video taping the storage facilities of one of the largest bottled water companies, Mei Eden (מי עדן). The water bottles for delivery were not kept in a cool place, but rather are kept and allowed to heat up. When these bottles heat up they leech more bisphenol A into the water than if the water was just sitting there normally (where it would leech anyhow).

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Are Plastic Baby Bottles Harmful? (08/02/08)
North American environmental and health groups released a paper recently showing that many major-brand baby bottles leach bisphenol A, and is now calling for a ban on the use of the compound — used to make polycarbonate plastic — in food and beverage containers.

Bisphenol A is a hormone disruptor. Studies have linked low-dose BPA exposure with such effects as: permanent changes to genital tract; increase prostate weight; decline in testosterone; breast cells predisposed to cancer; prostate cells more sensitive to hormones and cancer; and hyperactivity.

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Ban on Bisphenol A Polycarbonate Bottles in Canada? (18/04/08)
Canada is the first country in the world to complete a risk assessment of bisphenol A and to initiate a 60 day public comment period on whether to ban the importation, sale and advertising of polycarbonate baby bottles which contain bisphenol A (hard plastic bottles with a number 7 in the centre of the recycling symbol on the bottom).

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Move over botox - here comes the Acupuncture Facelift! (13/12/07)

Cosmetic acupuncture (aka acupuncture facelift or facial rejuvenation acupuncture) has become quite popular in America in the last few years. It has attracted great attention, especially in the big cities like New York and LA. It used to be a only for the rich and famous in Hollywood like Cher, Madonna and Gwynyth Paltrow, but now everyone wants the royal treatment.

The Acupuncture Facelift has gained popularity because there is no down time and it works to revitalize and rejuvenate from the inside-out, correcting any underlying imbalances in the whole person. This is the newest of many articles that have surfaced about this non-surgical procedure printed in The New York Times.

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Honey better than medications for soothing kids' coughs (18/12/07)

In a comparison study of honey, dextromethorphan (medication commonly found in cough/cold syrups to suppress cough), and no treatment; honey was found to be superior to no treatment and equal to medication for symptomatic relief of childrens' night-time cough and sleep difficulty due to upper respiratory tract infection.

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