cilantro, parsley & black quinoa salad

This salad is fresh, delicious and super easy. It is a variation on tabbouleh salad – a middle eastern staple. I have replaced the cracked wheat (bulghur) with black quinoa and added in cilantro and pistachios. Black quinoa seems to have a bit of a crunchier texture than the regular white quinoa.

Serving size: 4

Preparation time: 10 min

1/2 cup dry black quinoa (can use red or white as well)
1 cup water
1 bunch parsley, finely chopped
1 bunch cilantro (kusbara), finely chopped
1/2 cup cucumber, finely chopped
1 sweet red or orange pepper, finely chopped
1/3 cup pistachios (shelled)
Juice of 1 small lemon
2 tsp coriander powder
2 cloves garlic (optional)

Place quinoa and water in a pot; bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low, cover; simmer for 10 min or until soft and fluffy. Place remaining ingredients in bowl. Add in quinoa once cooled. Toss and season as desired.

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