naturopathic treatments

Gaia Clinic offers Naturopathic treatments including:
Botanical Medicine
Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine
Homeopathic Medicine
Clnical Nutrition
Lifestyle Counseling & Stress Management
Physical Medicine
(hydrotherapy, spinal manipulation & massage)

Additionally, Gaia Clinic offers:
Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture
(acupuncture facelift / cosmetic acupuncture)

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health and wellness packages

Various health and wellness packages designed to fit your needs and goals. Packages include pregnancy wellness, smoking cessastion, and seasonal detoxification programs. Give the gift of health to someone you love - including yourself!
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laboratory and diagnostic testing

Laboratory testing, including urine analysis, blood work and saliva testing, is a vital part of a complete medical evaluation. At Gaia Clinic, a variety of laboratory diagnostic services are offered that provide further information for a thorough assessment and diagnosis.
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on-site dispensary

For your convenience, Gaia Clinic is pleased to offer a select dispensary of professional line supplements and products mainly from the United States and Canada.
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