Gaia Naturopathic is pleased to offer a select dispensary of professional line supplements and products mainly from the United States and Canada.

For your convenience, Gaia Clinic is pleased to offer:
custom-made herbal medicines
professional lines of nutritional supplements
homeopathic remedies
chinese herbs & medicines
dried herbal teas
and more...

If we do not carry a product you are interested in, we can accommodate special orders, or refer you to a reliable source.

Please Note: The cost of supplements is not included in your visits.

You are under no obligation to purchase any products from Gaia Clinic while under our care.

Gaia Clinic receives no incentives from any companies whose products we carry. The dispensary exists only to provide you with the purest, high-quality professional supplements available for your convenience.

Our prices are competitive. You will find that our supplements are both higher-quality and less costly than most products sold on the market today in Israel.

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